About Us

What Drives Us

Two months.

That's how long it took me to register my first LLC, get the relevant business licenses, buy insurance, and learn what the heck an "invoice" was. By the time I was supposed to start doing actual entrepreneurship, I was exhausted.

It all felt a bit absurd.

Fast forward five years later, to 2020. I had sold my first business and founded several more. I felt the familiar itch again. It was time to start something new, which meant heading back to square one…

Fortunately, life is easier now. I have established relationships with great attorneys, accountants, and consultants. But back when I first started, those several years ago? It all looked impossible.

Remembering the many administrative and legal hoops I had to jump through my first time around, I immediately knew what my next project would be...

Andrey Doichev Inc and Go
Andrey Doichev
Founder, Inc and Go

Inc and Go Mission

Enable anyone to start a successful business by guiding them through the process of formation and setup.

How We Do It

We create easy-to-read resources that educate first-time founders on topics related to business entity formation and first steps. We answer key questions, such as:

  • How do I start an LLC?
  • What is a Registered Agent?
  • What is the best LLC Formation Service?

Aside from personal anecdotes and service reviews, the information we present is publicly available and sourced from official government websites. Publicly available, however, does not equate to easily accessible.

Anybody who has had to deal with governmental institutions will know how frustratingly difficult it often is to get a clear answer to a (seemingly) simple question.

Our principle has always been to answer such questions as if we were speaking with a dear friend.

We are guided by four priorities:

1. Get straight to the point

We invest a lot of time and effort to ensure articles you read get straight to the point. No time-wasting word padding, dragged-out intros, or clickbait; just answers.

2. Use everyday language

We never use jargon, and we avoid complex terminology whenever possible. No matter how complicated the topic is, we’ll work to find a way to explain it in plain English.

3. Be accurate and current

Laws and regulations change fairly often. We regularly update our articles in response. We do our absolute best to provide accurate and up-to-date information, often consulting with attorneys who review our content.

4. Recommend responsibly

We are mindful of our social responsibilities and impacts. We are committed to only recommend services, products, and courses of action that we truly believe are beneficial to your entrepreneurial journey.

Meet Inc and Go

As of 2021, we are a team of three.

Andrey is our founder. The other two are camera-shy and prefer to remain private. We promise they exist and work just as hard behind the scenes!

Born with a mild stutter, I knew from an early age that nothing would be handed to me on a silver platter. When you struggle to speak, however, you learn to listen and observe. You also greatly value those occasions when you are heard.

My struggles with speech became the source of my passion for educating others. Finding the perfect words to get an idea across is what I’ve been doing my entire life.

It was only natural to make it my job!

I love educating on topics I’m passionate about. Helping folks find their footing and seeing their confidence grow – it’s a privilege I value more than anything.

I launched my first business in 2015. I loved playing airsoft, so I created a small website to educate readers about the sport, review products, and help parents buy the safest gear for their kids.

It wasn’t all that easy; I won’t lie. Nor was every minute enjoyable. In the beginning, I often felt overwhelmed by the volume of responsibilities. But getting those “Thank You!!!” Emails from delighted parents, telling me about how happy their kids were with the gear they got, made it all worth it.

Since then, I have educated millions of people on topics including website development, online privacy, marketing, and business.

In 2020 I decided to take everything I had learned and launch my biggest project yet. My goal was straightforward. To help first time entrepreneurs achieve a smooth start with their business.

Combining my passion for educating and enabling others to create their own destiny — Inc and Go was born.

Andrey Doichev

Email: andrey [at] incandgo.com